Purchasing a property interstate without seeing it is like driving blind! Buying a property can be difficult at the best of times let alone if you are in another time zone. Additionally, the process of buying a property varies from state to state around Australia. There can be conveyancing and other legal or tax differences buying in Western Australia compared to other states.

Our Buyer’s Advocate is your eyes and ears when it comes to making sure you’re not purchasing something that you will regret. Our goal is to ensure that you reach maximum yields and avoid potential costs in repairs and maintenance in the immediate future. Not only would your Buyer’s Advocate ensure that everything is working order within your home they will also perform a full due diligence to ensure your future investment meets your expectations for future growth.

Resolve Property Solutions expert Buyer’s Advocate team is passionate about providing the best possible service and handling your investment transaction with the best outcome. We have the perspective and depth of experience that one needs to understand what makes a great property – and what doesn’t. We can tell you one side of the street is worth more than the other, or why one particular street in a suburb is worth considerably more than others. In short, we have the “on the ground” experience required to minimize your risk.

Find your next property in Perth with a local independent expert on your team.

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