Whether you are just beginning or an experienced investor at Resolve Property Solutions we can help. It’s an advantage to have an independent Buyer’s Agent on your side, working for you to buy an investment property. The average property investor in Australia only owns 1 or 2 properties this is due to poor property selection, purchasing in the wrong location or paying too much.

For Investors in WA

At Resolve Property Solutions based on your investment profile, we will tailor a solution for you and provide a report with recommendations on suburbs and property type to invest in. Location does 80% of the heavy lifting for your property’s performance. We use the latest market research to consider future capital growth based on demand, rental yield and vacancy rates. We will consider all investment strategies based on your profile including buy and hold, value add via renovation or subdivision.

Buying the right property in the right area for the right price can save you tens of thousands of dollars now and make you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the future. Buying a good investment property isn’t buying an off the plan apartment or a property for sale down the road. We will help you make good property decisions based on market leading research, locating more options including off market, undertaking due diligence and negotiating for the best possible price.

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