Relocating to Perth, Western Australia in recent years has seen significant growth, a top destination for migrants in terms of lifestyle including proximity to beach, public infrastructure and transport, popular government school catchment areas and opportunity in capital growth areas and well performing suburbs.  

All new migrants will require a place to call home and a reputable Buyer’s Agent will add value, saving you time, money and stress when considering purchasing a home. 

Buying property without physically inspecting it when large sums of money and sometimes large amounts of debt are involved can be daunting, no-one wants to get it wrong, overpay or buy a poor-quality property or limited future growth. 

Property has become popular with overseas investors and Australian expats looking for strong returns and stability. Australia was already considered a safe place to invest, and with the country successfully flattening the curve for COVID-19 and combined with attractive movements in many exchange rates there has been an increase in foreign citizens looking to buy property in Australia. 

Key Factors to consider: 

  • Selling agents work for the seller, aiming to drive the property price up and are not obligated to represent the buyers’ interests or ensure a good outcome for you. 
  • The right Buyers Agent/Buyer Advocate will work for the buyer, they do not sell property. Using a buyers’ agent to purchase real estate is widespread throughout Australia as investors and home buyers understand the benefits they provide. 

Top 10 reasons to use Resolve Property Solutions – Buyer’s Agent:


  1. We are fully licences and independent, we don’t receive any kickbacks or commissions from selling agents, developers, insurance or property management companies. We are retained and paid by you the Buyer. 
  2. Resolve Property Solutions has access to all properties, a large percentage of transactions are from off market opportunities – before they hit the internet and silent listings which are never marketed. 
  3. Real Estate Agents call us first, our Buyer’s Agents have strong relationships with most Real Estate Agents and contact us to see if we have a buyer ready, especially if their sellers are not interested listing their property for various reasons, which include: 
    • expensive marketing campaigns 
    • sellers that are not interested in home opens 
    • discreet transactions 
    • sellers require a quick sale for financial reasons or other opportunities 
  4. Our Buyer’s Agents possess extensive market knowledge in values, history and research in local and state government development for all infrastructure plans. 
  5. Our Buyer’s Agents are expert negotiators – they offer unbiased advice, and work for your best interests in negotiating your transaction. 
  6. We can assist you in preparation for Auction bidding, ensuring you are well researched and bid on your behalf with confidence and take the emotion out of the transaction. 
  7. Resolve Property Solutions will save you the buyer, money as they will make sure you never pay too much, no matter what the market conditions. 
  8. We will source the right type of property within your brief in locations with good potential for capital growth. 
  9. Our Buyer’s Agents know their stuff and hold extensive local knowledge within a 50 km radius of the Perth CBD. 
  10. Buyer’s Agents can be your eyes are ears on the ground, inspecting the property to ensure there are no hidden surprises and what you are buying is fit for your purpose. 


If you are feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone. Buying a home can be a long and stressful process, especially if you are living overseas. Having a Buyer’s Agent in Australia can make the experience much easier. Having someone in the country that knows the ins and outs of the housing market will significantly lighten your load. Resolve Property Solutions work on behalf of buyers, searching for properties, evaluating them, and then negotiating with the selling agent to seal the deal at the best possible price. 

Resolve Property Solutions  are completely independent and looking after your interests is our priority.